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Shirakawa School Rules

Be  a Shirakawa SHARK!
               Safe.Helpful.A problem solver.Respectful & responsible.Knowledgeable

Below is a chart to explain expectations of all students for their classrooms and around the school.

                                    We know everyone will be a Super Shirakawa Shark!
Voice Levels for various locations


levels 0-1


Levels 0-1


Level 3




1- 2


Level 1


Level 1


Levels 0-2

S is for being Safe Come prepared for class with work, materials, and a good attitude Walk at all times Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times Wait patiently in line, to enter, and when getting food Return to your previous location (lass, playground) quickly Walk at all times and tuck in your chairs Sit quietly and appropriately while waiting to be assisted
H is for being Helpful Be willing to participate and answer questions Be courteous to all students, staff, and visitors on campus Freeze when the whistle blows and at the double whistle, walk to your line Throw away all trash when it is time to clean up Use facilities appropriately (water, soap, paper towels, etc) Use your marker to hold your place on the shelf. Keep books neat. Complete tasks or errands and return to class quickly
A is be a problem solver Do your personal best at all times Go directly to your destination Follow all playground rules and the directions of campus monitors Raise your hand for help or a question

Think GREEN.

Use only what you need.

Know your AR level and choose appropriate books Come only when asked to or necessary
R is for Respectul and responsible Treat others as you would like to them to treat you Go around school buildings, unless with an adult Take turns when playing games or using recess equipment Use kind words with school staff (please, thank you, etc,..) Don't stop or distract others from using the bathroom quickly Turn in all books on time and in good condition Wait patiently for an adult to help you
K is for being Knowledgeable Find an appropriate learning activity when work is done Open doors for others (students, teachers, visitors) Invite others to join in (especially those who show interest) Clean up after yourself Report issues to your teachers or other adults Leave library bookshelves, tables, and chairs neat Use positive greetings and say "thank you" after being helped

0- SILENT (no talking at all)

1- WHISPER (only the person next to you should hear you)

2- SPEAKING VOICE ( speaking voice in class)

3-OUTSIDE VOICE ( speaking voice on playground)